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A Cardiologist is a Medical Doctor who finds and treats heart problems. Some people suffer from cardiophobia - a normal fear from heart disease. Cardoioneurosis is a state of mental upset that occurs with heart symptoms. They may have mental or unknown causes. This state may be set off by a heart condition or more often a fear of heart disease. Some symptoms are chest pains or fluttering heart beats.

Cardioplegia is the paralysis of the heart, which may be caused by drugs, low body heat or electrical excitement used in order to operate on the Heart. The Cardiovascular system is the network of structures, which include the Heart and blood vessels that pumps and carries the blood through the entire body. The system includes thousand of miles of blood vessels (arteries, capillaries and venules). There are many controls in the system to ensure that blood is sent to the places where it is most needed and at the proper rate. Many things, such as diet exercise and stress, affect the cardiovascular system. A Cardiology Examination is required for any claimant with any of the symptoms outlined above.


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