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SIMAC evaluates a claimant’s medical condition for accuracy and legitimacy.

IMEs include a physical or mental examination and comprehensive review of a claimant’s medical records, which are gathered by SIMAC. Our clinical staff identifies and assigns the appropriately trained physician from our medical panel with the required medical specialty or specialties to evaluate the claimant. The physicians / assessors prepare for the examination based on specific questions around a claimant’s condition and evidence-based medicine.

SIMAC observes federal privacy guidelines in handling all cases.

SIMAC ensures that proper procedures and workflow requirements are met by each province and insurance coverage. Our service professionals know these medical-legal regulations for every jurisdiction. Claimants and clients are treated in accordance with our CARF oversight standards. Protected health information and proprietary company data observe federal privacy standards outlined in the PIPEDA – The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


SIMAC meets all turnaround times and reporting obligations.

Claims and IME referral management have pre-determined timelines. Our service professionals actively manage every step of the process. Our secure electronic case tracking software allows us to manage the entire referral process from input to invoice. Clients can submit referrals, track status, uploading and download medical records and reports 24/7. The online web portal is a virtual assistant that expedites referral tracking.

Independent Medical Evaluations

SIMAC’s Independent Medical Evaluations emphasize conclusions and recommendations based on the medical evidence and within a reasonable degree of medical probability and certainty.

Multidisciplinary Assessments

In cases where a person’s injuries/disabilities require the expertise of more than one medical specialty a Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Team is assembled.

Medical File Reviews

SIMAC has developed a strategic work-flow protocol to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time for Medical File Reviews. Our assessors are experienced in reviewing the relevant documents to ensure the most comprehensive and accurate evidence-based report.

Catastrophic Assessments

SIMAC is positioned to provide expert Catastrophic Assessments to meet all regulatory requirements. Our Assessors have the training and experience needed to provide a structured reporting format that is comprehensive and includes well-supported conclusions.

Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE)

The Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is a systematic way to assess a claimant’s physical capacities and functional abilities. The FAE matches the claimant’s current performance levels to the demands of his/her normal, pre-accident tasks of daily living and employment.

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Occupational Therapy is a skilled approach that uses activity as a means of regaining health and function to achieve independence in all facets of daily life.

Vocational Evaluations

SIMAC has gained a solid reputation for excellence in providing unbiased and defensible medical assessments.

Job site Analysis

A Job Site Analysis (JSA) provides a comprehensive, detailed review of the claimant’s pre-accident workplace environment.


The objective of the Pre-employment FAE is to create a safe work environment for the worker taking into considerations his or her physical abilities and how they match up with the task at hand.


A Post Employment FAE is an objective assessment of the individual’s physical abilities to function within the parameters of a specific job.

Ergonomics Evaluation

An Ergonomic Assessment is used to identify and control possible risk factors which may affect a person’s ability to do their job or which may lead to workplace injury.